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Established in 1983, Resitex are specialist manufacturers of a range of Thermoplastic Textured Coating Systems, and are leading suppliers to the prefabricated Building Industry.  These products are ideally suited for application to masonry surfaces and timber-framed structures, such as Park homes.  Resitex supplies a variety of end users, from residents or direct to those carrying out the work on their behalf.  Customers can use their customer service counter, or paints can be ordered by phone.

It’s no surprise that many leading park home manufacturers and refurbishment companies use Resitex, there’s probably no better way to protect your home.

But did you know you can buy it yourself, direct from the manufacturers? They can even supply an inexpensive easy to use application kit if you need to paint your park home yourself and will deliver to your door the next day.

Recommended for use on all textured homes e.g: Manor Park Homes, Omar, Tingdene, Prestige, Stately Albion, Homeseeker, Wessex, Pathfinder, Country Homes and others.

Barry Burton, founding director, comments,

“We’ve also had some park residents who have clubbed together with their neighbours to order, so we have given them a discount because they’ve been able to buy in bulk. Some of those did the work themselves and some sought others to do it, but it worked out well all round”.

Resitex are also proud to offer their new products, `Roofproof`and `Fenceproof`.  Roofproof is a decorative, flexible, breathable roof coating that protects and enhances existing Park home roofs to complement the painted walls and facades.

Fenceproof is a decorative, flexible, durable one-coat finish for sheds, existing wooden fences and panels that surround your home.


Resitex Ltd are honoured members of the B.C.F ( British Coatings Federation) which is the sole trade association for the decorative, industrial, powder coatings, printing inks and wall coverings manufacturing industry in the U.K.

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